Wild Watermelon Edit - Video

Transform your images from something great into something spectacular! Watch as we color tone this image from start to finish without the use of color tone actions. This video does comes with (5) workflow actions (dodge, burn, selective sharpening, skin smoothing and sharpen for print/web). You will also receive our popular Sunburst Overlays which are used in this edit. Join us as you not only learn the how, but the why in editing. 

This video contains over an hour of instruction and includes how to:

-unzip product files after download

-load actions in PS

-load brushes in PS

-adjust your images in both Lightroom and in Camera RAW

-properly crop your image

-color tone by hand without the use of actions

-give your subjects beautiful warm and glowing skin

-give your images more vibrancy and drama

-apply the sunburst overlay to your photo

-play workflow actions and apply them to enhance your photos and speed your workflow

-save your images for both print and web

-properly sharpen your images 

Dive into this video with us and speed your workflow while creating beautiful golden hour images! There are tips and tricks in this video that you do not want to miss!

Contact us for questions anytime: info@paperandcamera.com