Rainbow Overlay Set - PicMonkey Compatible

Rainbows...we all love them but they can be so hard to find at the right time. Since rainbows form when the sunlight and rain combine in a very specific way, it is no wonder they are hard to capture! You don't have to be a storm tracker to get that perfect rainbow in your images! Your clients will swoon when they see how you magically applied the beauty of a rainbow to their photo! A couple of clicks in post-processing is all it takes to make a rainbow appear. Perfect for all outdoor shoots!


  • 1 Single Rainbow Overlay in jpeg format
  • 1 Double Rainbow Overlay in jpeg format
  • 1 Vertical Rainbow Overlay in jpeg format
  • A handy step by step instructional PDF guide
  • Compatible with Picmonkey photo editing software
  • Images Courtesy of Nicole French Photography