Sticky Albums Templates

Sticky Albums is quickly becoming one of the best marketing tools available to photogs!  Exceed your clients' expectations by providing them with a custom album that can be downloaded onto any of their mobile devices.  

Simply place your image onto our template and upload to your custom album.  In minutes you will have a custom mobile album to provide to your client.  Include with premium packages as a sales tool, or include with every purchase as a special bonus!  The options are endless as a subscription with includes unlimited albums.  

Included in each template set is 10 Photo Templates, 1 logo template and 1 custom loading page template.  Add your studio's contact information and logo, and your client will never be without a reminder of your exemplary service.  Every time an album is seen by a friend or family member they are sure to ask "Where can I get one of those?".  Get ready for the referrals!


Please note: The Sticky Albums service and are not affiliated with Paper and Camera.  Sticky Albums and are a trademark and copyright of Sticky Albums.  Your purchase includes the image templates only and does not include a subscription to the Sticky Albums service.  Visit for more information about their service and subscription options.